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RHA is used as insulation product for liquid metal over last many decades. Around 1970s it came to the knowledge that humans exposed to such environment at elevated temperature zone are usually becoming victims of the dreaded disease SILICOSYS. The crystalline silica cracks explosively at high temperatures thus creating micronized silica particles which remain suspended in the atmosphere. Humans exposed to such environment inhales dust which settles on their lungs and cannot be absorbed/expelled by the body. As a result the oxygen exchange potential for the body reduces thus causing silicosis.

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As a public demand and social responsibility RESCON started a rigorous research work looking into various options with the help of scientists and laboratory of CENTRAL GLASS AND CERAMIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE. After 2 years RHAN was born in the lab. The uniqueness of the process is to maintain the physical, chemical and morphological properties of amorphous silica in a palletized form. In-house development of a co polymer(organic) coupled with an inorganic binder ensures that at abtient temperature as well as at high temperature (1600-1750 deg C), the product is stable and does not disintegrate with mechanical abuse( during dumping/fettling of the ladle or tundish. This absolutely ensures to maintain ecological balance in the work environment. The conversion to crystalline silica is restricted within 2-3% to contain the micronized silica particles within safe limit. However, it took nearly 4 years to scale it up to commercial production at a market viable price- a product that is safe and not harmful to health.

Rescon management is totally committed towards Environmental upkeep, occupational health and safety and specially product quality and customer service. Rescon has a dedicated team of officers to monitor and control the ecological balance, in general environment , occupational health and safety guidelines and strict adherence to process parameters and input raw materials thus ensuring consistent quality.

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Mission Of  Rescon

We, as a part of a global network, with outstanding people believe in excelling continuously motivating all employees to work towards a common goal of satisfying our customers through innovative efforts of sustained Research and Developments thus qualifying to be a vibrant organization with diversified growth, creating ethical and social values, rights of equality at work place and totally committed to march ahead with market leadership by organizing training and employee satisfaction.

Vision Of  Rescon

Delighting customers with quality, product performance and services by continual improvement and sustainable value innovation backed by world wide experience thus ensuring better return to stake holders.

Team Of Rescon

Rescon has a dedicated team of officers to monitor and control the ecological balance, in general environment , occupational health and safety guidelines and strict adherence to process parameters and input raw materials thus ensuring consistent quality.

Policies By Rescon

HR policy

Company has standard HR policy that emphasizes on equality of rights at work place and social justice based on 3M(man, machine and material), management concept.
Management believes and emphasizes in strong inter personal and inter departmental relationships within the working environment and outside.

Environmental Policy

Management and its employees are 100% committed towards environmental protection , maintenance of ecological balance and conservation of natural resources. In order to make it effective, through the entire cross section of the company, there is regular awareness campaigns and trainings for all levels of employees. Pictorial boards with environmental slogans are displayed in popular locations with clear visibility reminding all concerned including visitors about their responsibility to protect the environment, reduce wastage and community development at large. The team is also committed to minimize consumption of natural resources and ensure continual improvement in the quality, environment and cost management system by continuous awareness/competency training of all concerned.

Quality Policy

Achieving customer satisfaction through designing , manufacturing and supplying all types of rice husk based insulant products for Iron & Steel in the line with our group policy. Our total endeavor to attain excellence through continual improvements in all facets of activities to exceed customer expectations is the main focus of the company and the entire team.

Health Policy

Rescon firmly believes that a sound mind resides only in a healthy body. The motivation and commitment of its employees depend on the quality of life both at work and home. A good productive day brought about by a healthy body and mind overwhelmingly contributes to the desired quality of life. For us, ensuring a sound health for all is a religion and we are therefore committed to providing all the facilities and support towards building a sound health for all employees. This vision and policy forms the basis of our health improvement programmes and communicated across the organization.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

In compliance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, Rescon (India) Pvt. LTD. has a longstanding commitment to provide a safe, quality-oriented and productive work environment. Alcohol and drug misuse poses a threat to the health and safety of the employees and to the security of the company’s equipment and facilities. For these reasons RIPL is committed to Zero tolerance policy around recreational drugs and alcohol use on site or use that leads to impact during working hours in the “site”.